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The Drive Home

Post #1

It was just after the game. We had gone out to get something to eat with our friends and now I'm driving Mandy back home. She had on a short tight sweatier held close with three buttons that showed her cute belly button and she also wore a short wrap around skirt. I promised her folks we would be home early. Our talk turned to the usual thing when we were alone and horny.

"Kitten, I know we are going to wait till we are married for me to take that virgin cherry of yours, but baby I love you so much and want you."

"And I want you. But, I want to stay a virgin till our wedding night. I want it to be something really special. We're only 18 and we can wait till we graduate."

"I agree. You know that. But there are other ways to please and pleasure each other."

"Oh, and how is that stud?"

"Umm, let me pull over in the park and I'll show you if your really want to know."

She doesn't say anything for a while then, "Okay. But you promise."

"I promise. I also promise I will make you cum." I find our secret make out spot. We found it a while back. A secluded spot hard to see from the road. I pull in and shut off the motor. I'm glad I took the car with the bench seat. I turn to her and kiss her lips. She moans and returns my kiss. I move my lips to her chin, and then to her neck. I lick it and kiss it and she throws her head back. I lick my way back up to her ear and nibble on it. I know this always gets her hot. Then I kiss the nape of her neck, pushing her hair up. I can hear her breathing getting heavier as I return my lips to hers. My tongue invades her sweet mouth and she returns kiss for kiss.

"Kitten you are sooooo pretty. When you're on the field people forget all about the game and just watch you." As I say this I reach for the first button on her sweater and undo it.

She smiles. "You think you're going to suck on my boobs."

"Ummm, I know I am." I reach down and run my hand over her bare stomach and even put the tip of a finger in her belly button.

"Stop that! It tickles."

"Then I need to find somewhere else to put my hands." I unbutton the bottom one. "Sweetheart, there is only one thing between me and those lovely tits of yours. Are you going to undo it or do I have to?"

Mandy reaches down and undoes the last one. I put my hands on her shoulders and push her sweater back and down her arms. She laughs as she removes it completely. "Is this what you wanted to see?"

"Ohhhh yes. I love the bra's you buy. They are soooo sexy and you know how much I enjoy removing them from you."

"Oh, have you removed them before?"

"Only in my wet dreams. What I meant is I have dreamed of removing your bra. I've gotten nice looks at the ones you wear and you know it. You don't let a guy see your breasts unless you want him to and you always know what it does to me."

She reaches down and lays the palm of her hand over the bulge in my pants. "Yes, I can feel what it does to you. And I like it."

I bring my hands to both her tits and cup them as I lower my head to her cleavage. I lick the bare skin, enjoying the feel of her lovely mounds. The bra is so thin I can feel her nipples. My cock gets thicker as I rub each nipple between my thumb and finger. She moans and lays back. I take the chance and reach for the casino siteleri front hook of her bra and quickly undo it.

She sits up. "I've never let you do that before."

"Want me to stop?"

"No. Please. I want to feel your lips on my breasts. Suck them, kiss them, bite them. Please!"

I open my mouth and take in as much of her sweet left tit as I can. Sucking like a baby, I put my right hand on the other tit and squeeze it. The other hand on her left leg. I lick all around the lovely firm breasts and settle on the nipple. Grabbing it with my teeth, I bite it and pull on it till it slips from my mouth. Her moans get louder. "Ahhhh, yes, do that, I....I love it."

I move back and repeat it only this time my hand moves up her leg under her dress. She doesn't stop me so I move my lips to the other nipple and my hand to her mound.

"Scoooottt, no. We can't. Ohhhh, please....."

It's OK darling. I won't do anything you really don't want. I want to touch your pussy, to finger you. I want to make you cum. You want to cum?"

"Yessss. Ohhh, bit my nipple again. Yes. Finger me. Ahhhh."

I slide my hand into her panties and feel the fine hair of her pussy. I trace my finger all around her pussy lips. The whole time kissing and sucking on her tits.

I move away from her breasts and push my finger deeper into her. I move to her lips and kiss her, pushing her back into the seat. I move my finger in a circle's inside her cunt. This causes her to cry out. "Ahhhhh, ohhhh, baby...ohhhh."

Pulling away from those sweet lips of hers I kiss my way quickly down her body. Maybe a little too fast, because it causes her to start to protest. "Please, you can't do that."

Looking up, "Darling, Candy has kissed you there. You told me. Le me show you that I can make you feel as good as she does. Even better."

"You know we only....only play..."

"Yes, and I know what you play and how. One of these days I'm going to be in the same room."

She laughs, "Pervert."

"No just a horny guy. Now be quiet and let me taste you. I want to eat you and make you cum. You'll see I can get you off without taking that sweet cherry." I unbutton her skirt which is held by buttons on the side. Not removing it from her, but pushing it aside, I lower my head to my loves pussy. Pushing her panties aside and holding them I lick all around the outside of her cunt lips and then running my tongue from bottom to top, with just the tip inside her. Her squirming and moans tell me she is enjoying it. Her cunt is nice and wet and I pucker my lips and suck on her clit. This causes her to cry out and climax. Her juices flood my face. But, I'm not finished with her. I return to her slit and push my tongue in as far as it will go and wiggle it and move it up and down. Drawing out as much of her juices as I can as her hands go around my head, pulling me tight.

"Ummm, ohhhh, eee, damn you. Eat me. Eat my pussy. I want to fuck your face." She grabs my head tighter and moves her hips up and down on the seat to the car. (The guy in me says she will be leaving a large wet spot on my car seats, but I am to far gone to care.) I slide the other hand under her ass as she lifts up to drive her pussy onto my face. I push a finger into her ass hole. The pain at first cause yüksek bahisli casinolar her to stop and cry out.

"Whattttt are you doing!!?? Don't do that."

But it's too late. I push more of my finger into her as I attack her clit again. The other hand finger fucking her. She grabs both her tits and squeezes them, pulling on the nipples and reaches her second climax. As she slows down and melts back into the seat, I pull my fingers out of her. I take the fingers that have her pussy juice and lick some of it off. Then bringing the fingers to her lips, she opens her eyes wide, but takes them and sucks them, tasting her own juices.

"I think my baby came hard for me and still has her cherry. Do you admit that I can make you happy and keep you a virgin?"

"Yes. Yes, you made me cum and I still have my cherry. but, I don't know for how long."

"Don't be nasty you little cunt. Now take your skirt all the way off, but leave your panties on. I want them nice and soaked with your juices before I remove them from you. I place my hand over her mound and press and rub. She pulls the skirt out from under her and slides it off completely. "Good, because you might be leaving a nice cum spot on it."

"I think it is a little too late to worry about that."

Now wearing only her panties, I sit up and undo my belt and unzip my pants. Looking up at me she whispers, "I thought you weren't going to fuck me."

"Now, I'm going to fuck your tits. I'm going to cum all over them and in your mouth while you finger yourself."

We arrange ourselves so I am straddling her, my cock between those lovely tits. I press them together tight around my huge cock. The head sticking out the top. "Now finger that hot cunt of yours darling while I fuck your tits. Tell me when you are going to cum."

I move my cock back and forth, pressing hard against her chest. It takes all my will power not to cum till I feel her body shaking from the action she is giving herself. She screams, "I''mmmmmmm cummmmmming you bastard. Fuck my tits, I want to taste your cum."

At this I let myself go, fucking her hard and fast till I feel myself ready to explode. Pulling back I grab my stiff hard piece of meat and jack it off till I shoot. I spray her tits, face and mouth with cum. She tries to catch as much as she can between her lips, sticking out her tongue out to catch the last few drops.

When I am exhausted I fall back sitting next to her. I pull her up and we both sit there trying to catch our breath. "Well my sexy slut. You came a third time. Did you enjoy it?"

"Oh yes. Wow. I am dripping with both our juices. I will have to rush into the house so they can't see and smell it on me."

"To bad Candy isn't here to lick your clean like the sweet kitten she is."

"You would love that. Two of us with you."

"Oh, I wouldn't complain. But you are my girl. And will always be. Now better get dressed so we can get you home. Oh, first one other thing."

"What's that?"

"Your panties. Take them off. They are mine now. I want to keep them to remember this night as if I would need them to remember."

My sweet lover pulls them off and rubs them up and down her pussy. "Just a little more juice for you darling."

"Thanks mobil casino Mandy. I still wish I could slide my hard on into your pussy."

She doesn't say a thing for a long time. "Did I say something wrong?"

"No Scott. I was just thinking."

"I didn't mean I changed my mind. I'm not going to take your cherry darling. I was just wishing it was that special night when we could make love."

"I know. I was thinking something. I need to talk to Candy first and then I'll email you tonight after I do. Help me button my bra and sweater. I know you enjoy that."

Smiling I take my time dressing her. "I much rather undress you."

"You're nasty."

We drive on to her house and I walk her to the door and kiss her on the cheek in case her parents are watching.

She rushes into the house and calls out hello to her folks and goes to her room. Her mom, worried follows her. "Baby, are you OK?"

"Oh sure. I just needed to get to the bathroom. To much soda."

"Did you two have a good time? You are home early."

"Yes, we had a great time, but I'm tired. I'm going to take a shower, email Candy and then go to bed."

"OK, good night."

Mandy takes a long shower, enjoying the feel of the warm spray on her body. She fingers her pussy, thinking of her lover. After drying off she starts to put on a teddy and pantie nightie, but stops. Making sure the door is locked she goes and drags out a small box hidden under her clothes. She opens it. Takes out a see through body suit. There is a thong pantie that goes with it, and both have a slit to allow entry to her pussy. But she decides not to put on the panties. Scott gave her this and said to save it for a special time. She goes to the computer and opens a chat with Candy. She is in luck. Candy is having cyber sex with a guy they both know and she says as soon as they both get off, she will come on line.

About thirty minutes late she comes on. "Well Candy, it took you long enough. Did he make you cum hard?"

"Oh yea. This seat is dripping with my juices. How was your date?"

Mandy tells her everything that happened. And then she asks Candy if she is willing to do her a big favor. She describes what she has in mind and Candy doesn't take any time at all in answering yes.

Mandy then tells her sweet Candy good night and emails me.

"Scott. I had a wonderful night. I came sooooo hard. Thank you. And I love the taste of your cum. Next time all of it goes in my mouth. I talked to Candy tonight. Now don't get mad. We are very close and she won't tell anyone. I asked her to come over tomorrow when my parents are away. I have a dildo that is the same size as your big hot cock. (Surprise. Or did you model for it?) She said she will help me get in up my pussy till it touches my barrier. She will then mark it. I know this sounds crazy, but please listen. This weekend the three of us will meet at her place. Her folks are going away and mine said I could stay with her. She will hold the dildo next to your hard cock (don't worry we will get it nice and hard) and put lipstick on you to mark how far you can put it in me. She will be there when you and I lay in her bed and you put your cock into me. But only as far as the mark. I want to feel it in me. I want you to fuck me. She will be there to be sure we don't go to far. And when you pull out and come all over my breasts and face, I told her she could lick it off. I know this will make you hard, watching us. So I told her she could fuck you as a reward. It will be OK. I won't be jealous. Let me know what you thing? Love and Hugs, Your Kitten."
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