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Chief had first noticed him when they did the Smithson 4th of July parade. The young man was Hispanic with a dark complexion and jet black hair and dashing eyes, also, with an easy smile and a "gosh-died-and-gone-to-heaven" look as the fire trucks rolled by with the firemen all decked out in their firefighting equipment and hanging off the sides of the hook and ladder truck.

The next day Chief saw him again, standing outside the firehouse, waiting patiently for a call that would bring the trucks out. An hour later, Chief looked again, and the young man was still there, sitting on the curb. Chief was the only one around for the next couple of hours, as the rest of the day crew was off at a practice tower performing an exercise.

The young man looked familiar. It was only after searching his brain that Chief realized he'd seen him out at the Loredo Ranch?a place where men went to meet other men and maybe to get a little action. Most of the guys at the firehouse liked to go out there. They were comfortable with each other?having the same interest bonded the men into a good firefighting team. They were considered the best in the region. They all kept in good shape, which encouraged appreciating the bodies of other men, and they backed each other well?and you could say they backed each other up real close. But there was no particular need for the other firehouses to know why they jelled as well as they did.

For the life of him, however, Chief couldn't remember in what capacity he'd seen the young Hispanic man at the ranch. Chief certainly hadn't paid for time with the guy there. Although he would have been happy to. He was a real sweet piece of tail. And those doe eyes of his. Chief ducked back into the firehouse and continued the inventory he was taking of the equipment?a job he performed every three days to make sure that everything was right there where it might be needed in an emergency.

Chief fantasized about latching his eyes onto those of the young Hispanic's while he was fucking him?watching the change of expression on the guy's face when he realized that he was being mined deeper than usual and that the man riding him had the stamina to fuck him into the ground. Firefighting made a MAN of a man. Chief liked to watch for the point at which the guy he was fucking realized that?and realized that he was in for one royal fucking.

An hour later and the guy was still there. Chief thought that showed a remarkable stamina itself, as the day was scorching hot and the Hispanic guy had been out in the sun for hours just from the time Chief had first seen him.

So Chief went out into the drive and approached him.

"I'm just watching," the young man said as Chief came closer. "I make no trouble. I just like to watch."

"No problem," Chief said.

"Really, I stay to sidewalk. I make no trouble."

Again Chief said, "No problem. Really. I'm just afraid you'll fry out here. You want to come in and get a drink of water?"

"Me? Come into the firehouse?" The young man was incredulous.

"Yes, come in and get out of the hot sun for a bit. Do you like firehouses, firefighting equipment? What's your name?"

"They call me Ricky. Ricardo, but Ricky for short is OK to call me."

"I'm Chief," Chief said. "That means I'm in charge here, and if I ask you in for a drink of water, there's no one to tell me I can't."

"You are kind. Yes, please. Thank you."

They started to walk toward the door next to the bay truck windows that were now closed. Chief guided the young man with a hand on his upper arm, and he could feel Ricky trembling at the touch.

"I think I've seen you . . . out at the Loredo Ranch." Chief bahis siteleri said it to try to make the young man less skittish, more comfortable. He could feel he was intimidating the young man. Chief was a man and a half himself. All of the firemen were. Most of the time they weren't out on call, they were working out in the gym at the back of the truck bays. They had to be strong and agile to do what they had to do.

But the young man was still trembling. "Maybe. You go to the Loredo Ranch?"

"Yes, we all do here. It's part of keeping our edge?keeping in shape and calming our nerves. It's a tense job, you know."

The youth said nothing. But Chief could see he was processing it. And Chief didn't want to withdraw his hand even when they entered the cool interior. Ricky was turning him on. He liked the little guys, and although Ricky was a good third the size of Chief, he was a very nice little piece. And those eyes alone were making Chief go hard.

"You like firehouses, Ricky?" he asked as the Hispanic youth drank first one glass of water and then another and then another.

He hadn't looked like he was sweltering out there, but Chief could see that he was having a lot of trouble quenching his thirst.

"I don't know. Maybe. We don't have them where I come from."

"I saw you at the parade yesterday. You looked like you liked the equipment?the hook and ladder truck and the red water truck."

"Yes, maybe. They were nice."

Chief was perplexed. Ricky had looked like what he was seeing was way beyond just "nice."

"It was the firefighting equipment you came to see, wasn't it, Ricky?"

Ricky hesitated. And then he hung his head low and said, "It was more the men?in their fire suits. If you go to Loredo Ranch, I think you must understand."

"You like seeing the men in their uniform?" Chief asked.

"Si." Given a bit reluctantly. "Out at the ranch, on the stage, some of the men dance in fire suits. I like watching that best." And then. "Thank you for the water. I guess today not a good fire day. I hoped to see men racing to fire. My friend Miguel, he tells me men come running out of firehouse still dressing in their uniforms."

Ricky looked up into Chief's eyes, and Chief could see the arousal deep inside the young man.

"You like to see the firemen half dressed?" Chief asked.

"Si." Again somewhat reluctantly given.

"And you like to see firemen dressing?and, maybe more, firemen undressing."


"And you work at the Loredo Ranch, yes?"


"And maybe you like seeing these half-dressed firemen doing each other?"

No "si." Just a shrug and a failure to meet Chief's eyes with his.

"You see the building above the truck bays, Ricky? That line of windows up there?"


"Do you know what's up there?"


"That's where the firemen sleep much of the time. And that's where they begin to dress. And it's where they undress. And sometimes it's where they fuck. As chief I have my own room up there. And I do all those things."

"Oh." Chief chose to interpret that as a glimmer or more of interest?and maybe understanding. And if Ricky understood, it was a good sign he wasn't backing out of the firehouse right about now.

"If I let you see me dress in my firefighter's gear will you let me see you undressed?and more maybe? If I pay you. You lay with me if I pay you?"

"Me? You want me to lay under you. With you in your fireman's suit?" Ricky asked.

Chief could see the interest in Ricky's eyes.

"Come with me, Ricky. The stairs are over here."

The young man was still trembling and Chief radissonbet was still holding his arm, guiding him, willing him not to back out now. Because now Chief had an aching hard-on.

Chief asked Ricky to undress first?and Chief was delighted with Ricky's nicely formed body?and heartened by the young man's own half hard-on. That was the real gauge of his interest.

Then Chief stripped, giving Ricky a full view of what was waiting for him, and Chief was pleased to hear the intake of the young man's breath when he saw the length and girth of what Chief had and the bulging muscles that went with the demanding job.

And then Chief began to suit up in his firefighting gear. Ricky stammered a request as he was dressing, though, that Chief not put anything on his upper torso other than the suspenders.

"I like chest. And the hair," Ricky simply said. But there was a catch in his voice and his cock was at three-quarter staff now when he said it.

There was a full-length mirror in the room, and Chief looked at himself with just the suspenders and the heavy pants and boots, and he couldn't help thinking, "Damn I look good. This kid knows his fetishes."

"Fireman's hat too?" Ricky asked, almost as if it would be a great favor.

Chief motioned the young Hispanic to him when he'd put the hat on and adjusted the chin strap, and Ricky slowly moved to him. Chief took Ricky's cock in his hand, while Ricky tentatively touched Chief's bulging arm and chest muscles and paused at the fireman's nipples, which were now hard and the size of quarters. The young man gently played his fingers through Chief's chest hair, and Chief took one of Ricky's hands in the one Chief wasn't stroking Ricky's cock with and moved Ricky's hand down the hair trail to Chief's abs and to his belly and then into the opening Chief had left unbuttoned at his crotch.

Ricky gasped at the size Chief had grown to. Now it was Chief's turn to shudder at the feel of Ricky's hand on his freed cock, and he pushed gently down on Ricky's shoulders, signaling he wanted the young man on his knees.

Ricky gasped and choked on the cock working inside his mouth. He was giving a valiant effort, but Chief knew it wasn't going well.

Pulling the young man back up on his feet, he whispered. "You haven't done this before, have you? What is it you do at the ranch?"

"No, no. I'm sorry. I'm a cook there. A new cook. I must go now?"

"You can go, if you want. But I still want you. I'll still pay you to let me have you. If you still are willing. I won't be rough."

"I stay. I want it."

"Then let's do it right. Come with me." Chief led the naked young man back down the stairs. He hopped up on the running board of the hook and ladder truck and opened the passenger door, which yawned wide outward. He'd gathered a tube of lube and a handful of condoms as they left his room. He handed Ricky up and laid his back on the passenger seat and told him to lift one leg and brace it in the corner of the windshield. Then he moved the other one to reach for the ceiling at the post between the front seat and the back.

Chief spent the next glorious half an hour standing on the running board and rimming Ricky's nice, tight hole and then slowly opening it up with his tongue and lubed fingers so it could take his cock. As Ricky arched his back and moaned, Chief also gave him a good example of a blow job?which ended with Ricky's first ejaculation of the fuck session?and nipped at Ricky's nipples, while Ricky groaned and sighed and clutched at Chief's chest through his matting of hair.

All the time Chief was opening Ricky's channel up for the betsalvador first time and Ricky was crying out and moaning and grunting and groaning and hanging onto Chief's suspenders for dear life, Chief kept his eyes locked on Ricky's, watching in an experience he so much wanted to see and that he'd never forget, the change from pain to ecstasy to exhaustion but full satisfaction at the taking. And then the confusion and fear?and the resignation?when Chief didn't stop plowing him. Ricky had been moving with him, but he couldn't sustain it?all of the rhythm and muscle work slowly went out of him until he lay there, completing open and defenseless to Chief's mastering, pistoning staff, not able to do more than whimper and moan and quietly groan. God, it was great taking a virgin.

"Thank you, Ricky," Chief murmured at the end, when he'd taken Ricky for the second time doggy style from the rear, as both stood on the running board and Ricky's chest was buried in the passenger seat of the hook and ladder truck and Chief's hairy chest was rubbing up and down on Ricky's back in the rhythm of the fuck?and Chief was holding the young man up with a grip on his hips because Ricky no longer could do that for himself.

"No, thank you," Ricky whispered as he turned his head and Chief took his lips in his. "Sorry I know not what to do. Sorry I could not stay with you."

"You did just fine. You could be our mascot."

"What does mascot job pay?"

"All the dick you can eat at both ends for starters. No, no, that was a joke. We'd treat you right."

"You mean other firemen fuck me? Like you did? Dressed like you?"

"Yes, if you liked. And I'm just an old man. Some of the younger guys can ride you into tomorrow."

It was just banter, but they were still in a pretty compromising position when the day crew?six burly and boisterous young, virile, in-shape men?returned from the fire tower exercise.

Chief immediately had work to do that took him off to the side. Ricky dragged himself up the stairs to retrieve his clothing, but not fast enough that two of the guys didn't see him go up the stairs naked. They followed him and cornered him in the room.

"Hey, lookee, Frank. We got a real nice piece of Cuban ass up here with us," said firefighter number one.

"Has Chief been doing you, cutie?" asked firefighter number two.

"He say I could be mascot here," Ricky answered, almost indignantly, not wanting to lose the ground he thought he'd already gained.

"He say what a mascot would do for us?"

"What you want, mascot would do."

Frank and friend immediately started to strip as both reached out for Ricky.

"Only the shirts, please. I like rest of it on, please."

"Whatever you want, cutie."

Chief was busy talking with the men in a group, but it wasn't long until he realized his "group" was down to one and a firefighter in full gear except for a bare muscled upper torso was standing on the stairs and motioning to the only guy still with Chief.

"Oh, my God. Ricky," Chief exclaimed and he headed for the stairs?in time to find the third guy in the second round standing between Ricky's spread legs and feeding his channel deep and vigorously.

"Off him, Clint. He's fresh?or was."

He looked down into Ricky's eyes, glittering now more than ever before, a sloppy grin on his face, and limp as a rag doll.

"God, I'm sorry Ricky. I didn't mean for this?"

"You mad at Ricky?" the young Hispanic asked in a weak voice. "I no good as mascot?"

"You're OK with this?" Chief asked, incredulously. "You want to stay?"

"I want to be mascot," Ricky said in a faraway, but determined voice.

"OK, then. I guess you're up, John," Chief said. As he stepped aside, firefighter number six was already stepping up to the plate and unbuttoning his fly.

"The shirt. Wear everything but shirt. Yes, keep fireman's hat, please," Ricky requested in a small voice.
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