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Love Story From Foy Beach

Post #1

We had a love that transcended a simple relationship. No matter how fucked up our time together was. The high highs. The low lows. You know?

And now we were on the way back to good. Back to perfect. Back to where we wanted to be.

Back to the beach.


It was a few years ago. We were spending a long weekend at the beach. This was when everything was still innocent. Under a beaming sun, floating in the warm sea, I held her in my arms. Once, I watched her swim to my brother, as his girl swam to me. No one had talked about it. We just kissed. I kissed my girl and his. Later, the girls were sitting on my lap in a bar. They kissed me one at a time and then kissed each other. There was a heat between them and a glean in their eyes that signaled the night to come. A father and son cheered us on. It was a highlight. One of many. Even though we did not have a threesome. The girls wanted to. I REALLY wanted it. But my brother said no. Which in retrospect was nice of him?he broke up with his girl within a month. But year later my girl still has her claws in me. Even though our paths have diverged. For the time being.


Now, she's dating a guy named Foy. Which is fine by me. Because I did things that weren't fair to her or us. Yes, I did her wrong. But only deneme bonusu veren siteler after she did me wrong. No one is perfect. Pedestals tip over easily.

Nonetheless, she wants me back. I want her back too. And we are planning how that will happen. Like the kisses in the sea, everything is unspoken. We will merely do what feels right. And pop culture provides the means. We will take the advice of Mr. Jerry Seinfeld. We will attempt The Roommate Swap. Except he and I aren't roommates. We're just guys who will be sharing her. At the same time. Obviously he won't be in to it. I think I will be. I know she will be. It's our fantasy. And now it's time to turn fantasy into reality.

Years ago, I took her anal cherry. It was something special we shared. Now, he and she have had anal too. Unlike most girls, she truly likes it, and even without me she had to have it. She likes feeling full. Taking her ass will still be special. He and I are the only people to do her there. Her last boyfriend was too big. I've seen her take big dildos. Other large objects. We explored many possibilities. But apparently he was even bigger. Or so she says.

One day, she gets an email from Southwest. Two e-tickets. I bought the pair. For her and her Foy. To Vegas. She tells him she is taking him away fransız ruleti for the weekend. He is surprised. But not as surprised as he will be. I will meet them in a bar. He does not know what I look like. She has kept the pictures of me locked away. I will buy them drinks. One for her. Many for him. We will get him drunk. At some point, I will slip a little powder in his red bull and vodka. Half a pill of X, crushed. He will feel great but will still be able to maintain an erection. We need him to be able to stay hard. He hasn't tried X before. It will blow his mind. He will feel amazing and be happy. He won't wonder why we are all going back to their room. He won't notice me still sitting in a chair when she pushes him toward the bed. He will smile as she ties a silk scarf over his eyes. I will watch as she undresses him. As she undresses herself. She will sway her ass in the air as she sucks him to life. And I will lick the folds of her pretty pussy. My expert tongue will find the spot on her clit that drives her crazy. That no one else has found. She will moan around his cock. Then she will slowly kiss her way up his body. I will help guide him into her dripping wet vagina. She will take him inside her, moving almost imperceptibly slow. His groan will be guttural. After a few minutes, she mobil rulet will feel a warm, wet finger on her asshole. I will slowly work it in her. Then I will replace my finger with my hard cock. She will bite her lip against the pain. Until the pleasure takes over. He will be in her. And so will I. Pushing against that wall between her pussy and her ass. Filling her like only the dildos and I have. Maybe the dildos and him too. I don't know. She didn't tell me, but I don't begrudge her any of her actions. I'm sure I've told her I've done worse. Even if I haven't. But I will live all my fantasies with her. And she will live hers with me. Soon.


Now, Foy and I are in her. He is too out of it to know exactly what is happening. She's calling out my name. Never his. Not tonight. Never again.

I know her and she knows me. Better than anyone ever could. Because we've been through everything together. Even, now, this. Double penetration. She cums hard. Harder than ever before. She's looking back at me. Not at him. Then I feel his cock pulsate inside her. I feel his semen rushing through him into her. His throbbing dick makes her ass squeeze my cock even more tightly. What's happening is unbelievably hot. It makes me cum. She turns toward me and we kiss. I slowly slide out of her. Then she pulls his limp dick out too. It's the last time he will fuck her. Unless I say it's OK. Ha. That certainly won't happen until I get the threesome I want. And when it happens, which it will, I will cum on the other girl. In her face. While my girl looks on, smiling.

We will be happy forever.
13 Nisan 2024, at 11:10

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