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Louise and Her Friend's Father Ch. 07

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This chapter is entitled, "Mary and Amy's New York Party Adventure." It tells to other side of Tom and Mary Wilson's relationship and what the two women do when they go together to New York City over Halloween.


When the car reached the end of the country road and pulled up at the Iron Gate with a security box the driver punched in the code and the gates opened. He drove up to the front door of the home and by then all the men had already cum once and both women were wiping their cunts and mouths off. Finally the limo stopped and the driver got out and opened the door.

The group of people in the limo began to exit the car after the old man had slowly stepped out of it first. The old guy was placed in a wheelchair and while he looked much happier than he did when they first got into the limo, he was still in sad shape. The rest of them all walked up the steps behind him and into the front door of the big home. Once inside the old man welcomed them all and Amy could see a huge room off to her left which was being decorated and set up for the big party tonight. There were already a large group of people working hard to get it done on time. Amy was very excited about going to her first Halloween costume party which her mother told her would involve a great deal of sex and pleasure.

All the new arrivals were shown to their rooms. The two women each had their own rooms, which were joining. They sat and talked a while and Amy informed her daughter about what she felt would be happening at the party tonight. She described how the last four times she had attended a party held by the old guy in this big home she never had a better time in her life. There would be about a 100 people there some famous some not so famous. Many would be extremely attractive. Mary explained that many of the men would be very athletic and handsome. They were selected for their looks and style and lastly their size. Amy asked what she meant about size. Mary smiled and patted her daughter on the leg and said, "Cock size sweetie. All the men there will have above average size cocks. So know that whom ever you are with tonight he will be very handsome, very athletic, and very endowed."

Mary said, "But then about half of the women there will look as if they just came out of a Playboy or Penthouse magazine. They will be extremely beautiful, well built and dressed sexually. Have you seen your outfit yet? It was picked especially for you."

Amy told her she hadn't seen it yet. Mary told her it would a surprise and whatever it was there would be no underwear with it. She would dress and be available for sex that was how it was at these parties. Amy smiled blushing a little as she was thinking about skimpy outfits and male hunks she might meet tonight.

Mary said, "The other people who will attend are invitees like us. They will be the ones who have been invited to enjoy the fruits of the evening. Each invitee can mingle with the beautiful women and men who are there for our pleasure. Men can meet women they could only dream of having in real life. And women like us can have one or more of the hunks as you call them. Oh Amy it's going to be so much fun tonight. I promise that if you go for it tonight you will be so sexually satisfied that by the end of the evening you'll sleep to very late afternoon tomorrow. So enjoy yourself sweetie and get fucked by someone who knows how to do it right. OK?"

She shook her head yes and with that Mary left for her room to shower change and get ready for the party. They left the adjoining door to their rooms open. Each woman was now in their respective room where they showered and looked at their costumes for the evening. They began to change into their Halloween costume ball outfits. The old gentleman who was hosting the party had handpicked them for them.

Mary's costume was a French Maid's costume which was cut low in the front showing her full breasts. They cups were firm and held her breasts up high making her cleavage look even deeper and very apparent. She smiled looking at herself in the mirror. As with the last couple parties she had attended the costume had no panties with it. As she adjusted the outfit on her body she saw that the skirt was maybe three inches below her pussy and rear end. When she tuned even slowly or walked both her holes showed. As long as she stood still her sex was covered by barely an inch. She smiled again thinking about the last time she had attended one of these parties. The sex that night was wild and free and everyone got what they wanted and more. The women could have sex standing up if they liked. She was taken with one foot on a chair and again when she simply bent over a table later on in the evening. Each of her men had big cocks and the last one had to have at least 10-inches. She was smiling as she remembered how that big cock filled her pussy. Finally before the evening was over she had met a young man maybe 25 who was just gorgeous. His name was Brian and she took him back to canlı bahis her room for the evening and they fucked the rest of the night way. In the morning they shower together and fucked some more. Finally exhausted she fell asleep. When she work he was gone and she never saw him again. But she would always remember him and his cock and what he did to her. She smiled as she walked to her daughter's door thinking how Amy would feel when a real man fucked her tonight. "The first time is always the best", she said to herself, "Amy should really enjoy someone like Brian."

Mary remembered back to that day that she found her daughter fucking her boyfriend. After seeing his small 5-inch cock she knew how bad he was giving her daughter sex. So Mary threw him out of the house. Then Mary sat her daughter down and told her that giving it away for nothing didn't make any sense. She told her about a way she could get money, very nice gifts such as jewels and at the same time met very important and influential businessmen and millionaires that could help her after college.

Mary continued to talk to Amy and informed her that she would also at the same time receive the best sex she would ever experience in her life. Mary told Amy she should just come to New York with her on Halloween and see for herself what it felt like to have sex with a man who had everything, looks money and body that no boy could ever match.

Amy was interested when she found out that her mother had thousands of dollars deposited in a private offshore bank account. She saw the expensive jewel she had in her safe deposit box, neither of which Tom her husband knew anything about. She could buy anything she wanted.

Amy then listened as her mother telling her about the gift at the end of the night that the old man left for her. It was always a couple of thousand dollars. As Mary explained to her daughter all about the parties and what went on at them, Amy wasn't sure what to think. Then Mary told her about the men. That got Amy wondering and as Mary explained how it felt with one, two or even three men filling her like she had never been filled before. Amy became wet and wondered how it would feel having all of her holes filled at the same time like her mother had done on more than one occasion at these parties. Amy was even more interested when Amy told her about Brian and what he did to her and how long he did it. And her mother told her that she was getting well paid to have sex with very well endowed very handsome and well-built men. Mary told her that only one out of a hundred men made the cut to these parties. They were selected because they were the best lovers and the most sexist men out of the group who had applied or sent by various services around the country. There was this old man who ran these parties.

Amy asked a great deal of questions and then she asked her mother to tell her all about the sex with these men. Mary told her it was not just good sex, not just great sex; it was mind-blowing sex. Mary told Amy she had more orgasms on those weekends when she attended these parties than she did the rest of the month she was with her father. Amy listened as her mother told her all about the parties, which were fun and about the sex and how wonderful it was. Amy quickly volunteered to go with her mother to New York the next time that she went. Mary told her, "well baby that will be in a week for Halloween.

As Amy finished showering and began to get ready for the party she saw the outfit picked out for her. It was a private school girl's uniform that included white knee-highs, which were really thigh high nylons. There was a white see through blouse with just two buttons at the bottom. Amy realized her breasts would be showing and available to see by any man there. Amy's young beautiful breasts sat up high not needing a bra. Her nipples were already hard and red. There was no bra or panties just like her mother had told her. But what her mother didn't tell her was the small skirt that went with the outfit. It was just as short as her mother's maid skirt. As her mother entered her room now she helped Amy adjust the skirt and told her it was made that way for a reason. It gave the men a view of her goodies. Amy put on her makeup, and when her mother took her hand she felt Amy shaking with nerves.

Mary knew the first time could be scary as well as thrilling. She walked into the bathroom and took the pills that were in there. She gave her daughter two pills, which she told Amy would calm her down. She gave her the small pills knowing Amy would in fact soon be calm but she would also be more stimulated. Her body would react very favorably to the gentlest touch or when she danced and held tightly by a man. And especially when her nipples or private area was touched like Mary knew would soon be happing. She knew the pills would kick in about 30 minutes.

Mary knew that from her own experiences that once Amy had danced or was touched or held she would canlı rulet begin to become more passionate and extremely lustful. Mary remembered the first time she took the pills. Her clit throbbed with her desire all the time and her nipples were hard as small stones. She was wet and wanted to be fucked badly the entire evening and actually had sex with four different men that night. Amy would experience the same reaction tonight. Tonight Amy would have the best time of her life Mary was sure of it. The sex her daughter would have tonight she would always remember. She would then always want to come to these parties to relieve the need for great sex and not give it away to her young inexperienced to young boyfriend. In Mary's opinion her daughter Amy was too young to be getting into a long-term sexual relationship anyway.

Now as they walked down the steps together they saw a group of four men talking at the bottom of the steps. The men looked up and saw the two beautiful women walking down the steps giving each man a clear shot at their pussies. There was no way a woman could hide her vagina or rear when she came down the steps with the outfits they had on. None of the women in the place wore panties or bras and all the men knew that was part of the exoticness of these parties.

Amy notice that the men were dressed in things like bathing suits like a Speedo, or loin clothes like Tarzan or even fig leafs and that was it. Each man was bare at the top and each man had a six pack and large strong arms and chests. They were hunks as her daughter called them.

Each woman had dressed upstairs and none of the men knew what they would wear except the old man. Each woman had to come down the steps. The old gentleman sat in a big leather chair smoking an expensive cigar and drinking his drink. He smiled as he looked up and saw Mary and Amy dressed in the outfits he had picked especially for them. He could see Mary's shaved pussy and Amy's trimmed one as they walked down the steps. Tonight was going to be so much fun for him too.

"Happy Halloween ladies! You both look grand dressed in those outfits. I hope you approve of my choice for each of you", he said smiling as he looked from one woman to the other before settling on Amy.

His eyes looked much brighter as they were fixed on Amy's pussy now. Mary smiled knowing that the old guy enjoyed seeing young pussy and she felt he was thinking about when he was younger and could fuck them. She had heard rumors about the size of the old guy's cock even now.

Amy stood there in front of him blushing a little as she saw him looking directly at her red nipples and licking his lips. She also saw that he looked much better. Maybe it was his teeth they looked brighter and the lines on his face weren't quiet as pronounced as they were in the limo earlier that day. She wondered if he was wearing some sort of makeup or maybe he had an expensive facial before he came to the party. Finally she heard him say, ""I hope you'll save a dance for me tonight Mary."

She smiled and kissed him on his cheek before telling him she always was ready to dance with him. He smiled and then he looked at Amy and said, "And you too my dear. My you look so lovely Amy. So young and so sweet and innocent in the facts of life dressed in that outfit, you'll soon learn how much fun these parties can be my lovely girl just like your mother did. You two are very beautiful women."

They thanked him and walked towards the room where all the people were eating, drinking and dancing and laughing. Amy was beginning to feel warm inside now from the pills. She could see her nipples sticking out blood red, hard and longer than she could ever remember them being. With no buttons on her blouse to cover her young breasts Amy knew every man there would look at her tits first. She remembered her mother telling her about the men. "Oh God all the men are gorgeous", she said to herself and then whispered in her mother's ear.

Mary smiled and told her o try and relax they were there for fun. As they entered the ballroom. Mary whispered in her daughter's ear, "And remember sweetie, all the men are all big Amy. Everyone is at least 7 or 8 inches or longer. And Amy, everyone knows why you're here and what you want. The men all know how to please a woman so much better than you can ever know. I wish I had known about this place when I was your age Amy. You're going to love this party so much baby. So take your pick of the men you can't go wrong. Any man here will show you what sex can really be like. All you have to do is ask and tell him what you want. Oh baby! You are going to have such a good time tonight. Just let yourself go."

And then Mary stopped walking and looked at the far corner of the room. Amy asked what the problem was and Mary said she saw an old friend. She walked with her daughter over to where the magnificent example of a male was standing. She introduced Amy to him. It was Glenn and he stood 6'2" online rulet and was extremely handsome and very athletic looking in his tight Speedo. The bulge in the suit was very apparent. Amy felt her face blush, as she looked at his cock in that small bathing suit. "He must be huge"; she said to her self and blushed more.

Amy found out he was a pro football quarterback. His eyes were deep blue and his dark black hair hung over his face. He brushed it back and said in a very deep voice, Well Amy very nice to meet you."

After a few minutes of general conversation to catch up with what was going on in Mary's life he asked her to dance. She told him her daughter was new here and in fact it was her first tie. He then asked Amy to dance. As he took her hand and pulled her into his strong arms Amy felt very worked up. When he held her tightly she could swear she had a mini orgasm. She could feel his cock pressing against her already. She became very wet between her legs as he held her and made her dance with his one leg up between her young shapely thighs. Without any panties on Amy felt his cock pressing against her vagina. In that thin suit it was huge and it wasn't even hard yet. She closed her eyes as his mouth went to her neck. She felt him arch her back and lick one of her hard red nipples, which were sticking up for him. That was all she needed, she knew she was going to be fucked and she was going to fuck this man as soon as the dance ended.

She looked around for her mother and saw her sitting on a table with her legs open and a man standing between them. She was laughing and smiling and she knew her mother was going to be fucked too very soon.

She danced with him to another song and by then she was throbbing between her legs. He whispered he would very much like to get to know her better and more privately. She smiled up into his eyes and asked, "Would you make love to me Glenn?"

He smiled and then took her hand and they walked back to her room. Her mother smiled and said to herself, "Good she is relaxing and she will enjoy Glenn's big cock so much. I know I sure did."

Amy was in hart by the time they had arrived at her room. She couldn't even open the damn door. Glenn took her card key and inserted it and opened the door. When she walked into he room Glenn held her shoulders and turned her around to face him. He picked her up and carried her to the big bed.

Amy was pulling his Speedo down seconds after he knelt on the bed next to her. Before she could say or do anything Glenn moved around and went down on her pussy with his mouth. Amy froze. She was so wet she didn't feel comfortable having a strange man licking her. But Glenn didn't seem to care and as his lips and mouth covered her vagina she moaned with pleasure. Glenn licked and used his fingers to open her fat swollen pussy lips. As his tongue entered her hole Amy arched her back and had the first real orgasm of the evening. Glenn worked on her as he felt his Speedo down around his knees and Amy was stroking his growing hard cock.

She grab and suck on the beautiful shaft hanging in front of her face as Glenn's magical mouth and tongue worked her pussy over again and again. God this man could eat pussy. None of her boyfriends but one even wanted to eat her. But, Glenn was a man and he knew what he was doing. Amy arched her back and lifted her ass up when he slid his hands under it. She felt her lower body being lifted as if Glen was about to have dinner. He held her rear end and lifted her pussy to his mouth now as he knelt in front of her now. She reached for his cock as could feel the super hard thick cock head in her hand. She pulled on it as Glenn continued to eat her pussy and she began to climax again. It was heave as Amy moaned loudly and thrust her pussy into his face as she fucked his mouth. When Glenn shoved his index finger into her ass hole she cried out, as the orgasm swept over her body like she never knew was possible. She screamed as she climaxed on his mouth again.

As she was lower to the bed again, Glenn opened her legs wide and looked at her beautiful young pussy. He smiled down at her and she saw his wet face covered with her juices. She looked so beautiful dress in that schoolgirl's outfit. He loved the thigh high nylons as he placed her legs over his big shoulders. She moaned as she felt him move into her and say, "Put the head at your opening Amy. And let me push."

She did what he told her. He saw her beautiful full tits with the nipples on the end pointing up at him. . She pulled his hard cock into the front of her pussy tunnel. She was ready now to try and take the huge shaft. She lifted her body up told him, "Fuck me! Fuck me baby!"

He put her sweet little ass towards him and she felt the big cock head press against her opening. She felt her pussy lips open more and more. He pushed more as her hands were against his chest. He knew she would stop him until she adjusted to his size. She was so tight. His cock pushed more and her lips spread more. She grunted as the head went into her hole. She moaned and pressed his chest, which told him to stop for a minute. He did. He then guided his cock in more and felt her tight young wet pussy grip him. He moaned this time,
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