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I came across an old souvenir last night. I was packing up to move into my new house when I found an old postcard - a faded picture of a perfectly white beach with translucently turquoise water. "Cancun" was written in the lower right corner. I flipped it over and read my message from what must be over a decade ago.

"Dear Mom and Dad,

How are you doing? I don't know if I mentioned it to you, but I ended up going to Cancun for spring break. It cost a little more than I thought it would and now I'm stuck here unless I can get some money for the trip back. I'm really sorry about this. You can reach me at the Hotel del Sol."

I never sent it, because I managed to find a few pesos to pay for a phone call to them and they wired some money over the same day. It was probably the craziest time of my life. Or at least the craziest thing I've ever done.

I blame it all on Azure. I met her in college. Tall, taller than me even at an even 6 feet tall. She had the wide, big boned frame of a jock, but she didn't play sports and stood slouched over, with her shoulders hunched up, as if she was trying to be small. Her breasts were a little too small for her frame, and her hips extra wide giving her an uneven pear-like proportionality. She could have been a model for one of those Renaissance nudes with the small hemispherical breasts, rounded belly and generous hips. When we first met, I wasn't even particularly attracted to her, being hung up on a petite little red-headed girl at the time.

We first met at the drive buddy board. I was planning to spend spring break at home, but needed a ride. There was this bulletin board at school where people who needed companions to split costs with would post ads. As I walked up to the board, I could not help but notice Azure, sporting a full head of bright blue hair. I came up to look at the board, and she accosted me.

"I'm going ? you wanna come along?" she asked me in a melodious contralto. I looked up at her, and said "Yeah," contrary to all sense. Maybe I did it because I'd never been asked to spend an entire week with a girl. Or maybe I wanted to go do the Spring Break experience at least once in my life. Part of me figured that it would never happen anyways.

"Ok, meet you in 15 out by Cobb Gate."

"We're going, like, NOW? I still have a final!"

"Move it or lose it, buddy. Get packed, and meet me there in 30, and bring some food."

I emailed the professor that I was sick. Threw some stuff in a duffel bag, and just left. There was something about Azure's carefree confidence that attracted me. No matter what happens, I thought to myself, this would be an adventure.

We met at the gate and finally introduced ourselves. With a name like Azure, I could see why she was fond of the color blue. Besides the blue hair, she wore blue lipstick, painted her nails blue, and, as she told me matter-of-factly, only wore blue underwear. The first leg of the trip would be to Omaha, where she would drop off the car for a friend. From there it was by train to the border, and a bus in Mexico. No wonder we were leaving early.

She told me that she needed company because she was "not good with boredom." And splitting gas and hotel rooms wouldn't hurt either. She was a real alterna-chick. An extreme feminist, multiculturalist, revolutionary and activist all rolled into one. At least three times a day, I got a lecture on how everything she did was designed to upset the patriarchy. The blue hair, for example, was to protest the patriarchy's demand that women conform to sexist ideals of beauty, elevating the surface over the substance. With blue hair, she assured me, men would have to go beyond looks and actually try to like her for who she was.

I called her on her smoking habit though, which was both unhealthy and bad for the environment.

"All the cool people do it" was her only reply, waving a cigarette stained with her blue lipstick in front of my face. The trip to Omaha was fun ? much more fun than I expected. Azure was highly intelligent and we had some great conversations. And she was not at all shy about sex.

"I'll have sex with any man I want. I don't have a problem with using them for sex just like they use women for sex. The time for equality has come," she proclaimed to me. I felt an uncomfortable tightness in my jeans at the thought that I might be getting laid. I was not a virgin, but I'd only had one steady girlfriend and one drunken one-night stand. It had been over a year since my last time, and I began to see Azure in a whole new light. But she still acted the same way towards me. I think she enjoyed being able to play with my mind.

We arrived late in Omaha and we got lost looking for the guy's house. We ended up getting a motel room together ? one bed, to save money. I was tired from the long drive, but the thought of sleeping with someone again had me jittery with excitement. I wanted to ask her if we would be having sex, but I thought that it would sound too naïve. So I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed. I didn't think to bring pj's, so I put on some shorts instead. She was in casino siteleri what would have been an oversize t-shirt on another girl, but on her, it was small enough that I could glimpse turquoise underwear just below the hem.

"Is that really what you wear to bed?" she asked me.

"Uh ? I mean ? well, no. I was just trying to be considerate."

"Don't tell me that you're trying to impose sexist rules of conduct and an inferior role on me."

I took off the shorts. The boxers did nothing to hide my erection. She just smirked at me, having won yet another point. She turned off the lights and took off the t-shirt. I slid into bed next to her. I turned my back to her, both to keep my erection away and to let her know that I was not some kind of pervert that would attack her just because we happened to share a bed. But she pulled me onto my back and straddled me.

"I'm not going on Spring Break and not having sex," she said, running her hands across my hairy chest. She rubbed her panties along the length of my hardening member. My boxers chafed against my groin, but it was a small price to pay for sex. Her pert breasts jiggled above me and I ached to hold them. Yet it seemed to me that this was nearly a dream and I was afraid that any action would turn this back into a fantasy. A dampness spread through the opening of my boxers as she became aroused. I could feel the tiny nub of her clit stroking the head of my penis.

Suddenly, she sat up. Her right hand snaked through the opening in my boxers and pulled out my dick while her left pushed the turquoise cotton aside to reveal a thick thatch of black hair. Squatting down slightly, she rubbed the head along her slit, lubing it up for entry. She lowered herself onto me in slow stages, each brief descent accompanied by a low grunt.

"Oh my, this is an unexpected pleasure," she exclaimed. The other two girls had both said that I was above average in size, but I had always wondered if they were just being nice.

"I hope this can last long enough to pleasure me," she continued, taking back the compliment that she had just paid me. But I knew that I would last more than long enough for her. Unlike most kids my age, my problem was that I took too long to come.

"I hope you can last long enough to finish me," I replied.

"Don't get too cocky," she punned, laughing at her own joke. "I don't know if I can even get off if you just lay there like a log." Her teasing finally brought it home to me that I was going to be screwing this girl for the next week. So I got over my worries that she would just stop and raised my hands to her breasts. She smiled and let me explore her body.

Her breasts were soft and springy to my touch. The nipples were hard little nubs on the ends of her over-large, pink aureoles. Putting one arm around her back, I pulled myself up until she was sitting in my lap, riding my cock up and down. My mouth came to just below the hollow at the bottom of her neck. I was not very experienced, but I did know one thing: all girls have sensitive necks. So I began lightly kissing and nibbling there. She started to moan in earnest.

"Yes, baby," she breathed. Her hips switched to a rolling motion, grinding her clit painfully into my groin. Still supporting her with one arm, I moved down to her breasts, taking each nipple into my mouth in turn. I started light - just barely touching them with my lips, and steadily increased the sensation until I was lightly nibbling on each breast. Her motions became more urgent, but it wasn't doing much for me. In this position, she could not hit the sensitive glans of my penis. My dick curves backwards a little bit, which means that the ridge behind the head rub right against the g-spot of most women, but it means that it's hard for me to get the right amount of friction.

Feeling her juices soaking down to my balls, I decided to take her over the edge. I pushed against her with my head, using my arm wrapped around her back as a fulcrum to lever her onto her back. She fell with a thud onto the bed. Now climbing on top of her, I pulled her legs up and to either side, letting me slip my entire length into her, and I began thrusting with strength and power, but not too fast. She grunted as my thrusts banged my pubic bone right into her clit.

"Not so hard," she said, putting one hand over my pubic hair. Her long arms wrapped around me, grabbing hold of my buttocks. And she moved me in and out of her, masturbating herself with my entire body. Her hands began to clench hard, the baby blue colored nails digging into my skin. The thrusts became shorter and faster. Suddenly, she let go, her lower lip tucked underneath her pearly white front teeth. Her head shook from side to side and a low whine whistled out from her clenched mouth. I continued to thrust, not knowing what else to do. Unable or unwilling to unclench her jaw, she pushed against my chest with her left hand to signal me to stop. I slowed down gradually, gazing at her scrunched up eyes. I realized that I had no recollection of her eye color. When I finally came to a stop, she freespin bonus put her arms around me and held me tight against her.


My hard dick was still buried inside of her. I had an overwhelming need to come. I began to thrust again, squirming to get maximum friction.

"Nuh huh," she purred, "I'll be too sore for tomorrow night." And pushed me off of her. My cock slipped out into the cold air, slick with her juices. I looked from her to it and back again, trying to hint that maybe there was something that she left undone.

"Good boy, you made me a very satisfied woman tonight. I'm glad I picked well back at school." And she slid around until her head was back where the pillows were and slipped herself back underneath the covers. I was not sure of the etiquette of this situation. Was I allowed to masturbate with her sleeping right there? I slid in beside her and started to stroke. I was still slick with her juices, and the image of her breasts bouncing over me was still fresh in my mind.

"Would you stop fidgeting! I'm trying to sleep over here."

She knew exactly what I was doing, and apparently it amused her to keep me unsatisfied. I played along, more out of fear of being cut off than anything. I dreamt about getting a blow job from a pair of perky little breasts, just like hers. Don't ask ? dreams are weird like that.

We delivered the car the next morning, and her friend's dad gave us a ride to the train station. I bought my ticket at the counter. It was going to be about a 27 hour trip, but to save money, we got regular seats. Money was a big issue, or else I would have splurged on a sleeper ticket for myself just to give us a chance to continue last night's activities.

We found ourselves in a small compartment. It was meant for four people, but train travel was not as popular as it used to be, so we had the entire thing to ourselves. When the train got moving, she got out a book, some existentialist drivel by Sartre, and stuck her nose in it, ignoring me completely. I looked at the scenery before taking out my textbook. I was nearly failing math and this would be a good time to bone up. It was required for my major, and I really didn't want to have to take it over the summer.

After several long, silent hours, we arrived in Kansas City. Here we suffered the intrusion of an elderly married couple. The woman took one look at Azure and started to back out of the compartment, but ran into her husband, who was trying to enter with his walker right behind her. Judging from his cloudy eyes, he couldn't see well, and he more or less bulldozed her inside. Smiling sweetly, Azure got up from her seat across from me and sat down next to me.

"Sit here, please," she told them, her voice dripping honey. I got up and helped the man with his walker. They introduced themselves as Mr. and Mrs. Charles Galway. They were on their way to Dallas to see their grandchildren. Mrs. Galway clutched her purse to her chest and shot withering looks at Azure. Azure replied with sweet smiles and flirted with Mr. Galway, while I tried to keep from smirking or laughing out loud.

It only took Mr. Galway an hour to fall asleep and start snoring. Mrs. Galway got even more nervous, squinting her eyes at Azure as if she was staring down a feral dog. Azure smiled and put her arm around me. She moved her mouth close to my ear and whispered things about last night that made my boxers seem much tighter than before. My cheeks must have begun to flush bright red because I heard a loud "Huff" from Mrs. Galway. She quickly turned her head away as Azure licked all up and down my ear, shooting the old lady a lusty look. Azure's fingers began to play across my chest, circling my nipples. I could see Mrs. Galway peeking out of the corner of her eye. And so it continued throughout the entire state of Oklahoma.

Azures hands and mouth were all over me. She kissed me deeply with her mouth wide open, turning my head to the side to give the old lady a good view. She kissed and licked my neck, her hands slipping underneath my t-shirt. By the time we were closing on the Texas border, her hand was inside my shorts, lewdly stroking my cock while Mrs. Galway openly gaped at her behavior. I was beet red with embarrassment. It was an immense relief when we pulled into Dallas.

By now dark had fallen, and only a few passengers got on board, so Azure and I were left alone again. The conductor came by to check out tickets and announced that the dining cart would be closing in thirty minutes. Her friend's family had packed us food for the trip, so we had no need to pay the inflated prices in the dining car. Azure closed the door behind him, and turned back to me, grinning.

"Hey there, beet-boy. Still excited? I sure am."

Licking her lips, she advanced upon me. Opening the fly of her jeans, she pulled them down to her ankles, along with her royal blue panties. Spreading her knees wide, she demanded that I repay her for the attentions of the last few hours. I glanced nervously at the door, but she took my head in her hands and guided özel bonuslar me down. Her crotch smelled strongly of her scent, and I could also see a large wet spot in her panties. But there was also more than a hint of urine. I had not had much experience in eating pussy, and I had never dived into one that had not been recently cleaned, but she continued to press my head down.

"That's it, baby," she encouraged me. I stuck out my tongue and began to lick. She had a sharp, acidic taste. Her juices were thin, like water, and I began to overcome my initial disgust and work at it in earnest. She guided my head with her hands and told me how to please her. My tongue was aching when she finally came, her knees squeezing together until I thought that my head would pop like a teenager's zit. I couldn't get a breath, and pushed at her legs with my arms. Eventually, I was able to force them open a bit and took deep, shuddering breaths of the sweet outside air.

"Very good, boy. Inexperienced, but enthusiastic. I think it's time for your reward." She tossed me a bottle. "Get naked and put that on," she ordered. I looked at the bottle, turning it over until I could see the label. It was K-Y jelly. Since I was still wiping up her juice off of my chin, I wondered why she thought that it would be necessary. But I took off my clothes anyways. She was already neatly folding her pants and pulling off her shirt.

"Did you know that Texas still has laws against sodomy?"

"Uh," I answered, trapped in my t-shirt in my haste to get it off.

"Oral sex is sodomy. But so is something else. As long as we're in Texas, we're going to protest against their oppressive regime. You completed part one. Time for act two."

My shirt was now off, and I gaped at her. Did this mean what I thought it meant? I found the bottle of K-Y underneath my shirt and decided to put it on. Azure was looking at me over her shoulder. For some reason, she did not seem as cocky to me as she had before. I sat down across her legs and lightly rubbed her ass. It was generously wide, with plump, succulent cheeks. I spread them apart and looked at her rosebud. It was pink and clean and gaped slightly open, as if it were inviting me in. My cock jumped at the implied invitation.

"What are you waiting for?"

I had never had anal sex with a woman before, but during my long drought I had discovered the joys of pornography. I had whacked off to story after story, learning all sorts of things in the process. It was not until I started reading these stories that I discovered a passion for anal sex. So I read every story about it and learned. Most of the stories were a load of crap, but there were several with useful information. I figured that I would do this right.

"You've never done this before, have you?" I guessed.

"No, but how hard can it be? Hurry up, I'm nervous enough as it is!"

I figured any attempt to dive right into it would be doomed to failure. I spread her legs and flipped her over. She protested, but there was not much she could do about it ? I'm stronger than I look. I put my head between her legs and I started to eat her out again, putting to good use the lessons she had just taught me. I think I did a credible job. She was nervous, but she eventually came again. Then I began to lick down lower, on her anus. I was relieved to find that it tasted slightly of soap. To be honest, I found it preferable to the taste of her pussy. She gasped as I licked her rosebud, and I could tell that she was tightening up inside. I licked anyways, until she got used to it and relaxed a little. Then I went back to her pussy, getting it good and wet.

I moved up, my dick slightly tacky with drying K-Y, and put it into her pussy. She gave me a funny look, but I ignored it. Between my licking and her own excitement, it slid in easily. Too easily ? the K-Y was making it hard for me to get any friction. But I didn't want to come yet anyways. I filled her up with me, taking long, slow strokes. I found the hollow of her neck, where she was sensitive and started to lick and kiss it. My hands ran along her soft body, stroking and caressing with a light, nearly imperceptible touch. I played with her nipples briefly, before wrapping my lips around them and gently sucking and nibbling. She had stopped caring that I was not putting anything in her ass yet and squirmed underneath me.

"Faster," she begged, "faster."

I increased my motion, going faster, but also taking longer strokes. My right hand snaked down to cup her buttock. My fingers wriggled around until they reached the crack of her ass. I ran my middle finger along the crack, feeling her cunt juices and smearing them over her anus. She was dripping wet, and her hands clutched at my ass pulling me into her harder and harder. I had to stop exploring her rear and hang on for dear life as she reached her climax, silently this time, her face clenched tight as if she had eaten a sour lemon. When she let go of my ass, I pulled out of her and bent down to lick at her pussy again. This time I gathered some of her juices on my finger and rubbed it along her anus. I kept my tongue strumming her clit as I explored her ass with my finger. I stroked it, increased the pressure gradually as I went. Suddenly, her ass opened up and let my finger in to the first knuckle. I felt the sphincter tighten up around my finger at the invasion.
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