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Daddy's Little Girl Ch. 04

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My own blood surged as we walked toward the door, me first and her following slightly behind me. I did not have any definitive plans for the day but there were some glimpses and things that I would have to ponder. I knew it would be a day of training and a day of tests. The training would be in the everyday things and little things that I would expect of her. The tests would be of her devotion, to see how much she was my slave and to see how much further I needed to take her slavery.

Just the thoughts of those things raced through my mind as we walked down the hard wood steps with her heels rhythmically clicking on the stairs. I could feel her presence, her warmth bleeding into me. Once we were on the landing of the ground floor, her training began. I did not turn to face her but I spoke sternly.

"From now on you are expected to always be on my left," I informed her. "This is for many reasons, but mainly because as you know I normally carry a pistol concealed and I am right handed. If I ever need to draw my sidearm, you will not be in my way if you are on my left side, slightly behind me. Understand?"

"Yes master," she replied, so close I could feel her breath on me as she spoke. I had to control myself to keep from tearing her clothes off and taking her right there.

At the front closet, I reached up to the top shelf and entered the combination on the keypad and opened the small safe that secured my pistol. Taking the holstered automatic I slid it into the waistband at the small of my back. It was interesting to note that I could hear her breath catch when she saw me holstering my weapon. My mind wondered about that as I hid a grin to myself. I kept the safe open for return of the weapons, grabbed a blue blazer, threw it on, and turned around and went to the front door, not paying Keri any mind.

At the front door, I ignored her and opened it and waved her through and watched as she walked elegantly and gracefully onto the front porch and waited, hands folded in front of her. Out of my periphery I could see that her back was straight and her head was high yet her eyes were lowered in deference. Good, I thought to myself. She already had a subconscious understand of what was required of her as a submissive woman.

I locked the door and spoke to her as I engaged the alarm system and made sure that that bolts were locked before turning into the bright burning sun and walked down to the truck, speaking to my girl.

"You will never open a door either into a building or to a vehicle when I am there. Before anything else, when we are in public, you will be a lady. That means being respectful and graceful. You will enter the vehicle or the building at my choosing, when I tell you that you can and not before. If I am not there to open the door, you will wait until I am good and ready to grant you entry. Understand."

"Yes, master." I smiled to myself; she knew when it was all right to call me daddy and when she should call me master. That was mainly intuitive, and I could tell she had a good grasp in her mind of what her responsibilities and her place would be.

Walking to the midnight blue full-sized sport utility vehicle, I opened the door and waited for her to get it. She sat demurely, her knees turned toward the center console which caused her skirt to ride up her thighs to the tops of her stockings; it made me burn with lust to see that.

"By the time I get into the vehicle, I expect you to have your skirt pulled up to your waist, with your pussy visible and available to me, girl." My voice was gravelly and I knew she could hear the desire that burned in it.

"Yes, master!" Her voice was excited and quivering.

When I slid into the driver's seat and closed the door, I noticed the light aroma of her cunt juices filling the cab of the vehicle. I could tell that her heart was pounding as she sat there exposed for my pleasure, her freshly shaved and bare pussy mine to view. It was natural for her to feel so, as a woman, completely open and exposed for the pleasure of men. It was arousing and electric for a submissive woman. I couldn't help but grin to myself.

She had repositioned herself closer to me, so that her knees were facing her door, naturally placing herself closer to me. That was subconscious but important. It showed that she was naturally drawn to me; another unspoken sign of desire and attraction.

"Whenever we are driving that is how you will sit from now on. You will be close to me, available for me to touch you, or to touch me if I so command it. When we are driving you are not to touch me without my permission or my command. You will be exposed for my pleasure, whether to see you, to touch you or to smell you. You will always be available for my pleasure."

"Yes, master." Her breath caught again as that sunk in. In the light of day, in public, outside of her safe place in the home, she was learning what it meant to be my slave. That was electric and sexually arousing for her.

"When we are driving somewhere, you will not make eye contact with other drivers. You are to look forward Gaziantep Sarıgüllük Escort or down, with your eyes lowered at all times."

"Yes, master." I saw her hand rise and shake for a moment, reaching out to touch me before she put it back down on her lap. She closed her eyes and whimpered in sexual need. I smiled to myself.

After a few moments, I reached over with my right hand and ran my fingers over her soft and smooth inner thighs, feeling the warmth from her cunt.

"Oh, master!" she exclaimed as she threw her legs open for me, instinctively and arched her back into the bucket seat, pressing against me. Her hips thrust upward in an attempt to press her sex against my hand.

"Do not move," I command her as my fingers knead her skin. Her lips are parted and her eyes closed as she breathes deeply. She is tense in an attempt to remain still, fearful of punishment, wishing to obey.

She whimpers and yelps as my middle finger slides between her wet and open cunt lips. She is already well juiced up and the touch only makes her excrete more of her slickness. I can feel her hips buck and her scent is heavy. Trembling in need, Keri shoots a pleading look over to me as I catch glances of her as I drive down the street.

"Do not move without permission," I remind her in a dangerously low voice, letting her know that only absolute obedience will be tolerated from her.

"Yes, master," Keri whimpers as she tries to hold still. Her finger nails dig into her thighs above her stockings as she holds still with her legs spread out on the seat. I can see her thigh muscles tensing and relaxing as my finger rubs the opening to her sex, between her lips. Her cunt juices leak out onto the seat as I continue to arouse her almost to the point of no return.

"Master!" she exclaims in urgent need as I pull my fingers away. As she opens her mouth to say something else, probably to beg me for release, I stuff my finger into her mouth to silence her.

"Lick and suck, girl," I command her and she obeys without question.

I can hear her whimper and mewl as she uses her tongue and lips on my finger, sucking it clean of her cunt juices. The sensation arouses me and I can feel my cock growing harder in my pants. After a moment I remove my finger as she follows it, wishing for more but whimpers like a little girl, not speaking while I move both hands to the steering wheel.

Keri reaches out and touches my upper arm, her fingers trembling against me. Without warning, I backhand her across the face so hard she hits the other side of the car. In surprise she looks at me with wild eyes.

"I'm sorry master! Please forgive me! Forgive me!" Her eyes were wild as she looked at me, knowing that she had disobeyed; she had touched me without permission. Meekly while I watched the road, Keri touched her cheek, which I am sure still burned from the discipline.

I watched as she knelt on her seat and faced me. She spoke softly, pleadingly, submissively. "May I touch you master?"

Without speaking, I nodded and only a second later I felt her cheek on my shoulder. Keri's hands clutched at me upper arm while she kissed and caressed her cheek against me. I could feel her teeth biting at my blazer while her nails dug into my arms. She sobbed and moaned in need, but did not beg. She did not plead. I could tell she feared punishment for letting her needs known to me.

"You do not need to be afraid to let your needs me known to me, Keri. You are a slave and I will know all of you, your fears, your needs, your desires, everything. You are not allowed to hold anything back. You will not be punished for telling me what you need or what you want. But as your owner, it is up to me to decide if I give it to you."

"I need release master!" she exclaimed after hearing me. She nearly screamed this; her need was so much upon her. "My body burns, my pussy aches, my body screams for you. I scream for you."

It was too much to hold back a laugh. "Well, that is understandable. I mean, I just finished arousing you to the point of explosion at my house. For the past ten minutes I rubbed your pussy and caressed your pussy for my enjoyment. It's only natural for you to be in sexual need."

My amusement was evident in my voice. I chuckled again when Keri growled in mounting frustration and pulled away. I felt very satisfied as she pouted in solitude and silence. I paid her no mind. I was master and I would have what I wanted.

"Your purpose is for my pleasure," I informed her. "Your soul purpose is to serve and to please me. If you do so, then you will receive pleasure and your needs will be filled. But your ultimate and only purpose is to whatever I desire and need. You are slave. I am master. There is no room for questioning it. Am I clear?"

"Yes, master," she pouted and I chuckled again. "Have I pleased you?"

Looking at the road, I nodded. "Yes you have."

"Then why can't I cum?" she moaned.

Stifling another laugh, I looked over at her as I pulled to a stop for a red light.

"Because it doesn't please me to allow you to at this time." Keri must not have liked this answer because she grumped and crossed her arms across her chest and did not look at me, or speak to me. She got over it quick though, because by the time the light turned green and we started to move again, Keri's cheek was back against my shoulder and she kissed me softly.

"I love you master," she whispered as she laid her cheek against my shoulder. "Thank you for being so strong."

Before I knew it her hand was on my inner thigh and my cock was throbbing by the time I felt her soft small hand running against the length of it while it was trapped in my pants.

"Take it out," I ordered her gruffly as I rearranged myself in my seat.

Giggling, Keri did so, unzipping my pants and gently taking my cock out of my pants. I shuddered slightly as her small fingers light played with my cock, stroking its length and massaging the underside of its head, driving me insane. I groaned aloud as her fingers rubbed leaked pre-cum against the head, making it slick.

"Can I taste?" she asked, looking up at me with shining eyes. I nodded wordlessly and watched out of my periphery while she brought her fingers to her lips and sucked and licked the cum off of them. She shuddered and closed her eyes in pleasure as she did so.

"I love tasting you daddy," she whispered softly. "I love feeling your seed in my belly almost as much as I love feeling you fill my little pussy up."

Silence followed as we neared our destination as she continued to stroke and massage my cock. I could tell I was nearing release as my scrotum tightened up and filled with cum. I literally ached as she pleasured me. The innocent little wench didn't even know what she was doing to me. I could tell by her breathing and the look on her face that she was intent on pleasuring me without any thought of the consequences. She stared at my cock as she stroked it, mesmerized.

Pulling into the mall, I parked in a secluded area where there were not a lot of cars and pushed Keri away from me while I pushed the seat back away from the steering wheel. Without speaking, I grabbed Keri by the hair and pulled her head down to my cock. She yelped in surprise but wasted no time in pleasuring me with her mouth and lips.

While cars drove by and found parking spots, I shuddered at the feel and softness of her lips stroking my cock, her head bobbing up and down while the flat of her tongue caressed my shaft and nuzzled against my balls and pubic hair. Within seconds I could feel my release approaching closer and closer as her mouth pistoned up and down on my cock.

She could feel it too as she looked up at me, her eyes begging me to cum. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and thrust my hips upward and pushed her head down onto me. I could feel my cock invading her throat forcefully as she whimpered and squealed, looking up at me with fear in her eyes. I looked down at her while I came, shooting a long stream of cum down her throat directly into her belly.

After my cock was emptied, I settled back onto the seat and calmed my breathing down as she recuperated, nostrils flaring from the experience. Keri's whole body shook as she continued to lick and lightly suck the head of my cock. Her eyes locked on mine with something akin to wonder as she sobbed. A small bit of cum seeped from my piss-hole and she eagerly sucked it up and I watched as she lifted her head and ran my cum across her teeth and swished it in her mouth. She shuddered as she swallowed it.

Wordlessly I pushed my cock back into my pants and got out of the car and walked around to her side. Keri was smart enough to know that if she cannot open a car door to get in, she can't open it to get out. I opened the door and gave her my hand to help her out and she smiled meekly up at me. Part of the look was fearful, wondering what I would do with her, another part was excitement to be dressed as she was with me, and the rest of it was pure sexual need and tension.

"You will heel when we walk in public," I informed her as we started to walk toward the mall entrance.

"Master?" she asked, confused.

"Heeling, girl," I replied. "One to two steps behind me on my left. You stop when I stop, turn when I turn, so that no matter how I am walking, you are still in your place."

"Yes, master," she replied.

"And where is your place?" I asked as we walked on.

"Your slave, Daddy. My place is wherever you want me as whatever you wish me to be."

"Good girl," I answered, grinning to myself.

Without warning I stopped quickly and stood still. Not surprisingly, a second later, she bumped into me with an "ooooof," and quickly stepped back in embarrassment.

"I said, pay attention, girl!" I growled.

"Yes, master," she replied quickly, fearing discipline. "Please forgive your girl, daddy."

I nodded without speaking and did not look at her. I simply started walking again. As we approached the entry to the mall, I could see the eyes of people on her, admiring her. There was no doubt that she was beautiful, but it went beyond that. Her sensuality was on display and was clearly visible. It exuded her, the heightened state of sexual tension, and the way that she was dressed. Keri could not help but be sensual as she was.

She waited for me to open the door for her and waited inside the foyer to the mall to the left with her hands crossed in front of me. After Opening the second door, she fell in step behind me as we walked into the bustling and loud mall that was full of shoppers, teenagers and adults shopping on their lunch hour.

"Daddy," she whispered to my excitedly. She had been to the mall before, but I had chosen one out of the way where there was little risk that we would be recognized. This was her first time in the mall in her present position. She was my slave being led by her master and she knew it. Her face was a look of awe and her eyes shone. I did not admonish her when she clung to my left arm and walked slightly behind me.

Smiling to myself I silently led her through the mall, just browsing. She could feel the eyes of men on her and it was visibly arousing her; the girl trembled on my arm. It was natural for her to feel that way. She was a woman, an object of beauty. For the first time in her life, Keri was openly and uninhibitedly displaying her sensuousness for the world to see. As we stopped in front of a store, I felt her shake slightly and her lips kiss my blazer as she whimpered slightly.

We spent the next few hours shopping. I enjoyed the attention that Keri was receiving, proud that she belonged to me. The natural slave that she was basked in it as well, glowing visibly. We went from store to store, picking up little things. I found pleasure in watching her try on clothes, modeling them for me. She seemed wrapped up in all the attention that was pouring on her, reveling in it and giggling happily. She seemed so alive, vibrant, like every muscle in her body was working overtime.

I had decided the night before that Keri needed a whole new wardrobe in her place as my slave. Most of her clothes were tomboyish and hid the charms that her body provided for my delight. She had mainly worn jeans and a tee shirt, or hip hugging pants and shorts. From now on things would be different as she learned what it was that pleased me and learned her place. There was no room in the wardrobe of my slave for clothes like that. I would show her the sexuality that lay locked deep inside her. Keri would discover the sensuousness that craved to be released and controlled and tamed.

Most of the things that I bought for her fitted my desires for my girl, taste and sensual but not overly ostentatious. She would be a prize to be seen, envied and coveted, but not displayed like a whore for sale. We stopped and got some skirts and blouses in different styles, all of which stopped just above the knees which would show off her legs for the world to see. Most of the blouses that I bought her attenuated her curves, spaghetti strap tank tops and sheer see-through blouses. Mainly for everyday wear, I bought her some sun dressed in different colors that stopped just the below the knee which would display her lovely legs and calves. I wanted her in dresses and skirts mostly, feminine and sensual; they also provided me easy, quick access to my property.

The one thing that I enjoy most is the beauty of a woman. Many things about the female form I find utterly attractive and sensual. I love the bare shoulders of a woman. A woman's neck is unbelievably sensual to me. A woman's well-formed calves and legs drive me wild with lust. A woman's curves, a thin waist and curvy womanly hips were enough to make my cock grow hard. I love it all. And I found it Keri to be the most sensual, beautiful of them all. And she belonged to me.

By the time we reached the last store, four hours after we gotten there we finally walked into the final store. We had to bring all her bags to the car because we had bought so much, but there was one last store that I wanted us to visit, a special store. By the time we entered the mall the second time, Keri seemed to be a different woman. Her walk was vibrant, confident, and sensual. She was an owned woman. Every move she made reverberated that. Though it was still mainly unharnessed and unrefined, she had sensuousness and coarse sexuality that pervaded everything that she did. I was proud of how she was coming along.

"Can I help you?" the well-dressed saleslady asked with an uppity smile as she approached us. I stood there with my feet slightly apart, looking around, searching the store. Keri stood a step behind me with her hands folded before her, looking around curiously and slightly in wonder. I could tell her mind was wondering what I would purchase her.

I let the saleslady stand there and wait for a moment. Finally I spoke. "We need an evening dress for the lady here." I cast eyes to Keri as if I was appraising her. She blushed under my attention. "I want something that will accentuate her charms without it being too flagrant. It should be low-cut without being sluttish. Preferably it should be something that ends just above the knee, or it may be longer, but either way it should have a slit to attenuate her legs."
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