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Bittersweet Memories Ch. 02

Post #1

This is the long awaited continuation of "Bittersweet Memories" so if you have not read the first part, I suggest you go back and read it. It's a fabulous story...

When the light came back and I opened my eyes, I realized I was moving. My body was stiff and my hands were tied behind my back. When I realized I was in a car, the past few hours came back to me like a punch to the face.

Strip club. Undercover. Sinister tattoos. Blown cover. Kidnapped.

Panic filled my muscles and I tensed before I could stop myself and keep cool. A deep chuckle filled the small space when he realized I woke up.

"You thought you could get one past me, didn't you, sweetheart?"

Yeah. Actually I did. I knew that pretending to be a stripper would be rough. But convincing him to confide in me would be even harder. So I studied this guy from all angles. I learned his weaknesses and strengths. I learned what made him tick and what made him break. His hobbies and turn ons and even what kind of food he liked. I could fill out a personal survey with more information on him than I could on myself. I could take this guy. The little slip up in the Red Room was unfortunate but I am a professional. I need to be able to handle myself in these situations.

I sat up in the back seat and look through the window. It was still dark out so I must have not been out very long, but there was nothing else on the road. It was pitch dark, the only light came from the headlights as his truck tore down the road. New meaning to "bat out of hell."

So I looked back to my captor. An escaped felon. A dangerous criminal charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. And the first man to awaken my sexuality in years. His glasses and bandanna long gone, he looked like any tattooed dude driving his truck. But no. I saw underneath all of that ink and almost saw the real person there. And I will be damned if I can't either pull out the real person he is or lock up the fucked up one he showed us.

"Where are you taking me?"

My cop voice was back. Quick, to the point and demanding. I was no longer playing the role of the vulnerable sex kitten; although upon further reflection I had to think how much of that was an act?

And he still never answered me. With my cop voice, I asked again and when I still received no response, I got pissed. When I put my badge on, I expect people to answer to me and they usually do. People know that I don't take shit from anyone. Apparently since this criminal doesn't know me, he doesn't know what Lola wants, Lola gets. And Lola wants some fucking answers. I leaned back and with one of my heels, I kicked the back of the chair hard enough to jar his arm and jerk the steering wheel. My first mistake.

His curse was loud as he straightened the car out and yelled, "What the fuck?! Woman, you better knock this shit off right now 'cause I'm not gonna take it while you freak out back there."

Fuck that. I will show you a freak. Before he could get us back on the road, I started kicking again, sending him into the wheel and the car all over the road. Horns were blaring as he lost control and tried to regain it again before we crashed. When the car came to an abrupt stop, I saw he pulled us over to the side of the road and turned the car off.

"Fucking BITCH!!!"

He ripped the keys from the ignition and got out of the car, throwing my door open and grabbing me around the throat before I even said a word.

"Here's the deal, honey. I don't give a flying fuck if you're the president, but in this car, I am the fucking boss. So you will listen to everything I tell you. I could snap you in half like a glow stick and if you don't stop your shit, I will knock you back out. The first time was an accident; the second time will be intentional. Now shut the fuck up and relax. We are almost there."

His fingers were digging into my flesh as he spoke, crescent shaped stabs of pain shooting into my neck but all I felt was his body pressing me closer and closer to the back seat. He almost laid me out on my back with his advance and I didn't think he realized his hips were pressing into mine with every teeth clenching word that poured from his tight lips.

I had the uncontrollable urge to say "Yes, sir." But suppressed that urge like a bad memory and when he asked if I understood I nodded meekly, the nervous and shy amateur stripper coming back into play. He trusted her once; maybe I could get him to trust her again. I didn't really remember switching roles but it made sense. Back to adorable and helpless.

He growled low in his throat at the semi-fake terror in my eyes and with one final press into my body he released my neck and stepped back. Slammed the door shut. We both needed a moment to compose ourselves at this point. He rested his head on the driver side window before opening it and turning the car back on.

The silent drive through nothing gave me a few quiet moments to formulate a plan. The tracking device in my shoe was implanted Gaziantep Vatan Escort for just this situation but seeing as though we didn't think it would get this far, it only works with a half mile radius. So unless they were right behind us, which they weren't by my quick head turn to darkness, I was fucked.

Well, I was already fucked but... now I was really fucked.

How did I let it get to this? I wasn't supposed to fuck the guy. I was supposed to get him into the room and then my partner would come in and arrest him. I was just to detain him. Where was Charlie? He never showed up and in his lapse of responsibility, I was put in a position that was compromising to my job. But I made it personal. I shouldn't have, and I know that. I should have just danced around and drank my drink and got him warmed up until Charlie showed up but I fell under his spell. The guys at the office will truly never let me go undercover again unless I bring this guy down.

We finally pulled into a little town and drove around a few blocks, making random turns and going through stop signs until we reached a warehouse. A big brick building with smashed in windows and dark, evil corners all around, it was menacing from the outside. I was completely unprepared and the true terror kicked in. I guess I was hoping that since we knew what the other person tasted like, he was going to go easy on me, but who takes someone to an abandoned building if they really wanted to take care of them? A ball of lead dropped in my stomach and I gulped like Roger Rabbit before a firing squad.

He killed the engine and got out slower than he did before, unprovoked but motivated by something else. I guess you calm down after the twisted broad who was kicking your seat relaxes. The door opened and he grabbed me around the waist, and pulled me to the edge of the seat. My feet dangled over the edge and the little stiletto heel with the sophisticated tracking device inside that was suppose to be my back up plan... fell off. So my terror and adrenaline cocktail I was running on was chased with panic and this time I couldn't keep it out of my eyes.

His hazel eyes ran over my body and when they met my panicked eyes, he smiled. "Oh, what's wrong, baby? You really scared this time? Or is this another one of your tricks? Now you're going to be the little victim, aren't you? Act like I haven't fucked you in a way that made your skin burn and your toes curl and that you betrayed me?" His voice got tighter and his teeth clenched harder with every word out of his mouth. The same mouth that trailed hot kisses up the backs of my thighs. And the same tongue that dove into my wet hole and wretched a paralyzing orgasm from me. It was that mouth that I watched.

"Well, darling, that act isn't going to fly with me. I can't trust you anymore so you're going to stay tied up until I can. And I plan on you earning that trust."

His hands tightened around my waist and he pulled me even closer to his body. He was hard. The hot steel under his jeans pressed against my own heat where the skirt rode up around my hips. How can someone who terrifies you to the point where you can't speak, made you so wet and ache to be filled? He made me feel something that I have never felt inside- true delight. Even though I know he was a convicted felon and escaped from prison, I couldn't quite deny the feelings that crawled through my heart to my brain.

With my hands tied behind my back, both literally and figuratively, I couldn't bring him closer like I wanted. I knew he was pissed but I wanted the anger. I wanted to feel the anger and the passion this man felt because I knew it was for me. All for me. I wrapped my bare footed leg around his waist, and brought the sex kitten back. "What did you have in mind?"

I heard his growl, low and deep in his throat but I heard it. It was the same growl that he made before he looked down at my pussy and thrust inside me few hours ago. The inside of my body clenched at the reminder and I let out a little gasp. When he noticed, the smile was back and he ground his hips into mine. The gasp wasn't so little anymore. Fuck. All my defenses were down and I was laid bare with my clothes on wrapped around my sinister man. "Don't you dare play with fire that you don't know how to put out."

"Maybe I wanna get burned." That was my next mistake.

His kiss was fierce and thorough. He kissed me like I was the last cool drink of water for miles in the desert. The way he devoured me with his mouth tore something through my body that was like heroin to my soul. I needed more and more each time to get the satisfaction I wanted. He knew I was wet already but when his fingertips found me and dipped inside, it made a wet sound that brought a surprised groan to his lips. When he trailed his mouth across my cheek to my ear, his thrusting fingers went deeper.

"You are drenched. You like this, don't you? You like having someone powerful taking control of your body. Being a cop you must be used to making orders and having people follow them."

I felt my muscles tense and contract around his fingers, begging for the final touch to send me to the top and before I exploded, he pulled out and backed away.

"But like I said, I'm the boss now. And right now, I make the orders. So stand the fuck up and get inside the building. Now."

The cold air hit my heated skin and deep into my gut when Cane abruptly pulled away from me. He pointed to a door with one bare light bulb guiding the way. He pointed to the door and raised his eyebrows as if to say, "March."

I took what little opportunity I could. "Well, without hands, it's a little hard to get my shoe back on and unless you have a Tetanus shot somewhere in the getaway car, I'm not walking barefoot into that building over broken glass. Not even for you."

The last bit was a double edged sword that he missed, and the good that I knew was in him relented. He came back and picked up my shoe. Like Prince Charming, he went on bended knee, took my glass slipper and placed it on my bare foot. His hand lingered on my ankle and trailed up my leg until both of his hands were once again wrapped on my hips. When I thought he couldn't resist me and wanted to finish what we started, my body flared up again but all he did was pull me from the car and put me on my heels. "Now go."

The key to getting a man to beg is all in a woman's walk. If a man sees a woman walk up to him at a bar, it's the crucial first impression that will demand a response. The sway of the hips and swing of the arms need to be in sync. The legs need to be straight and have just a little bit of a cross to keep the figure slim but curvaceous. And of course, the chest needs to be thrust forward for... optimal view. If the woman walks away, then she has a better chance. That way the man can watch the walk from behind. He can see the way her hips whip back and forth and watch the way her ass moves and the lines of her thighs without the guilt of getting caught. He can watch the woman walk away and either deposit her image into his spank bank, or he can take the invitation her hips offer.

I perfected this walk. Even on gravel and ice pick heels, I could use my walk for the greater gain. With my hands tied behind my back, I had an advantage where my breasts were already thrust forward. And with my dress riding up on my thighs, the backs of my legs were showing above my stockings. I was a fucking sight for lonely eyes. I stepped forward slowly, keeping my balance and felt his eyes burn through my skin. He could see all of my tattoos at this point, the ones usually hidden by the dress were showing or imprinted in his mind. He knew what I was underneath. And with each step, I heard his breath get faster. I could almost feel his pulse race and the fabric of his pants strain with pressure of his cock swelling. This was power. This was what I knew.

Before I reached the concrete slab that had four steps that led to the door, I turned my head over my shoulder and smiled at him. I showed him that I knew I had that power. And that was my last mistake.

Before I could turn back around, I heard the gravel under his shoes when he stalked up behind me. He grabbed me around the waist and lifted me off my feet before opening the door and tossing me into the blackness of the building. I saw nothing but felt the wall on my chest as I was pressed up against it from behind. Cane's breath poured into my ear and his harsh whisper ran through my body like a blade.

"You think you are so clever, don't you. You think that you know what to do, what to say, how to dress and how to walk but you know what, you were wrong. I know you. I know more about you than you think. I know what you feel like inside and I know how your body works. You like power because you are used to it. You like being in control because it gives you what you need to be comfortable in your life. But you know what I know that you don't? You secretly like being helpless. You like that I take that power and make you a victim."

My shoulders were pressed against the concrete wall and he laid his body flush to mine. It was difficult breathing but not because his body was pushing me against the wall, but because his words had aim like a mach truck. He was right. I liked it. More than that, I loved it. I felt free in his embrace when he took all the power from me and told me what to do, where to kiss and how he wanted me on the bed. But could I admit that to him? Hell no. I had to have some upper hand. I needed some control, and convincing him to let me have my shoe back was the control I had. If I could keep him in one spot for at least an hour, I had some chance that my team will find us.

"You can think about it all you want, honey, but the truth is you are as much a victim as I am here. Be are both on our last reserves in this situation and you like that I took all that responsibility from you. It felt dirty fucking a criminal, didn't it? You usually lock us up, not get us up. But you knew full well what you were getting into, and you wanted it."

He dipped his hand quickly between my thighs, flicking his fingers on the swollen skin and brought his fingertips close to my face. I could smell my own juices coating his hand. "That's not drugstore lubrication. That's your own desire dripping down your thighs. You're hot for this. For me."

I heard the smacking of his lips and knew he was licking the desire from his hand. I couldn't help the moan that came out, nor could I help the press of my ass into his groin.

"I'm taking everything from you. I'm going to trust you, by completely exposing you for who you are. And when I have it all, when I get what I want from you, I will be able to trust you and untie you. Until then, you are my captive, detective. And your hands don't move."

He stepped back and turned me around before shoving me to my knees. My stockings ripped as did the skin underneath before small jolts of pain shot up my thighs. A clasp and zipper undone and I felt heat next to my cheek. It was his cock. His rock hard dick was pressed against my face. "Now, put out the fire you started."

Without another word, I opened my mouth and took him down to the hilt. Burying my nose in his groin, I pulled back fast, hollowing my cheeks on the upstroke. Then did it again faster. I wasn't messing around. I wanted to gain that trust. Not because I was undercover but because I felt like I needed to deserve it. I wanted Cane to feel something but anger and hate for me. I let the tip of his cock rest on my lips and twirled my tongue around the tip, letting the little ball of my tongue ring tease the flesh underneath. His moans echoed throughout the building and felt louder with each dip of my head. Cane's fingers wrapped around my hair and guided me back and forth over his cock. I hate when guys do that: like they need complete control over me while I am doing something for them. But that was what it was like with Cane, he needed the control. So I moaned.

He growled at the sensation of my sounds reverberating through his skin and said, "Oh baby, I love when you do that. It feels so good. Moan again just like that."

And I did. I hummed around his flesh and as I felt the vein under his cock pulse with how close he was, he ripped my mouth from him as he panted into the darkness. "Not yet, I'm not ready yet."

Grabbing me under the arms, he put us in the same position we were in when the door opened. The front of my body pressed against the concrete wall and he was behind me. Only this time, he dropped behind me on his knees and I felt his breath over the back of my thighs. My underwear was a lost memory after he ripped them off and dipped his head to my dripping skin. I was so wet, so hot, that the first dip of his tongue into my cunt ripped a scream from my lungs. I shamelessly ground my body into his mouth and he pulled back, chuckling out loud.

"You are impatient, aren't you?"

Of course I was. He made me throb inside and he was the only one that can fix it. His mouth knew all of the places that I liked to be kissed. In only a few hours, he knew I liked when his tongue would tease my clit and then press hard with the flat of his tongue. It made me grind my hips back to meet his kiss and let little whimpers out of my mouth when he pulled back.

He stood up and I felt his cock rest between my ass cheeks. My ass was a little sore from the last time we were together but he soothed it with slow pumps of his velvet steel moving across it. "I'm gonna fuck you, Miss Kiss. Just like you want. And then after I make you cum again and scream my name, I'm tying you to a chair in the office until you can think of a way to make me trust you. Either that or I leave you here while I escape. I'm thinking somewhere warm. Like Mexico or the Caribbean. But don't forget, it's my show and I am in control."

Before I could come up with a response, his cock ripped through my body and retreated before pushing inside my pussy once more. The sensation tore through my soul and gripped him inside my body, greedy for more. His hands held my hips in place and steadied my body with his thrusts. With every fuck inside my body, the glass wall that kept my control would break with another crack. I was shattering. When his hands moved, one dipping to my clit and the other to the back of my neck to hold me immobile, I couldn't hold back anymore.

Glass shattered all around my defenses. Walls crumbled inside my body. I was destroyed. I screamed his name out to nothing as tears ran down my cheeks. The thrusts inside my body and flicks of his fingers on my clit ripped me apart. My orgasm stole years off of my life and my legs gave out from under me. I went down to the floor, not feeling my cuts getting bigger from how numb I was all over. Cane grabbed the back of my head once more and I accepted his cock like a gift, tasting both of our juices on my tongue as he came inside my mouth. Pulling out a bit, his seed poured from the side of my mouth and ran down my jaw onto my breasts, branding me once again as his. I was his. The titles we have as captor and captive, detective and felon, meant nothing. Now it was clear that I belonged to him. And I had a job to do that meant more than putting him back in prison.
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